Shaha Mishaal Adham Was Always a Problem Child

December 9, 2008 By:
Shaha Mishaal Adham Was Always a Problem Child

The mystery behind Mark Ruffalo's brother’s death has resulted a full-blown police investigation. Scott Ruffalo, who was shot in the back of his head execution style on December 1st,
passed away
last night after being in critical condition for a week.

Police had booked Shaha Mishaal Adham for attempted murder but that is being upped to murder. Brian Burton Scofield, who was named a "person of interest" in the murder was booked for a misdemeanor traffic warrant for past violations, but was released on Tuesday.

"Shaha was always a problem child" while in school at Harvard Westlake, a source told Hollyscoop exclusively. "She never finished school [at Harvard Westlake] because her parents sent her back to Saudi Arabia." Shaha came from a very wealthy Saudi Arabian family, and would often tell people she was a Saudi Princess.

"Shaha was apart of the wealthy Beverly Hills elite," said our source. Her and her sister Sherry, who used to date Brandon Davis, "would hang out with Paris Hilton and Brandon and their crew. They're families all know each other," the source told Hollyscoop exclusively.

What would cause a self described "princess" to shoot and kill someone? There are still so many details that haven't been release by the police, but her motif for the killing is sure to be uncovered soon.

UPDATE: Shaha has since been released and cleared from "any wrong doing." Wow, they went from murder to no wrong doing! Interesting.