Mark Ruffalo Signs on For Six More 'Hulk' Appearances

May 2, 2012 By:
Mark Ruffalo Signs on For Six More 'Hulk' Appearances

Get used to seeing him green!

The rookie Avenger has just signed his face (and the rest of his body) away for six more films to appear as the “The Hulk.”

Mark Ruffalo is apparently already turning heads with his role as Bruce Banner and his green alter ego in the highly anticipated summer blockbuster The Avengers. The The Kids Are Alright actor has just signed on for six more films in the Marvel series.

Two questions come to mind: “Why would Mark Ruffalo want to make six more Hulk films?” and “Why would anyone want to make six more Hulk films?”

An easy answer is, well… green. A green hero and green profits.

The Avengers has already grossed $180 million worldwide, nearly paying off the film’s entire $200+ million budget even before the film’s official US theatrical release on May 4.

Who would of thought that putting together A-listers like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans would be profitable? Duh…

Looks like producers have cashed in on common sense with this new deal.

Still, the extent of this rebirth of Hulk comes as a bit of a shock after previous flopped attempts to make the mean green machine cool again with Edward Norton (2008) and Ang Lee (2003).

No word on how much green is involved in the deal, but Ruffalo seems excited about the undertaking.

“I was so impressed and blown away by how much [director Joss Whedon] packs into this movie,” Ruffalo told Collider. “What a great ride it is, and how it just works on every level.”

Murmurs of a solo Hulk film have already begun.

“When it'll be, who knows," Marvel studios head Kevin Feige said last month, "But the conversation's definitely started."