Mark Ronson's Hash Brownie Mixup

October 30, 2008 By:
Mark Ronson's Hash Brownie Mixup

Don’t we all secretly wish that we could be on the guest list for just one of P. Diddy's infamous White Parties?

DJ Mark Ronson got that wish when he was offered the chance to play at P. Diddy’s annual party this year. He recently chatted up our friends over at Page Six about the ‘interesting’ menu at the glamorous affair.

Mark said, "I hadn't eaten all day, and I was starving. They were coming around with this bowl of brownies, and I grabbed three of them and just started scarfing them down. Every lyric sounded like it was the Cookie Monster yelling in my ear, and I started feeling really ****y, but I had to play through the set.”

Regardless of how he felt, Mark went on with his gig because he said, “ I couldn't just go up to Puffy and say, 'Sorry, I ate a ****-load of hash brownies, I can't do your White Party.' “

Clearly Mark takes his job seriously – even in that frame of mind. At least now we know why everyone is always ranting and raving about his white parties. It's all in the cookies!