Mark Ronson Sets the Record Straight

July 17, 2008 By:
Mark Ronson Sets the Record Straight

Last week there were reports that Mark Ronson refused to sleep with Joss Stone in exchange for producing tracks, but it turns out the quote was taken out of context. Surprise surprise! Here's what Mark had to say on his official Myspace blog:

i hate commenting on this bullsh*t but there's some story going around saying that i refused the sexual advances of joss stone and also said she was some "boring, bland soul chick" or something. let me set the record straight

a.) i was definitely not referring to joss stone in that quote and b.) i've never actually met her. i'm sure she's a nice person and she has a lovely voice so i wanted to address this rubbish story and apologise to ms. stone, who kind of gets enough sh*t in the press as it is without being drawn into my tabloid drivel.

i hope you're all alright.

speak to you soon

mark x