Mark Paul Gosselaar Talks 'Saved By the Bell' Reunion

February 9, 2012 By:
Mark Paul Gosselaar Talks 'Saved By the Bell' Reunion

Mark Paul Gosselaar is better known these days as the “Bash” of Franklin & Bash. The actor plays lawyer Peter Bash in the comedy/crime series that also stars Breckin Meyer.

Hollyscoop talked to Gosselaar on the set of ‘Franklin & Bash,’ but we couldn’t help but ask him about our favorite 90s teen dramedy.

When we asked if there was going to be a ‘Saved By the Bell’ Reunion, Mark told Hollyscoop:

“Oh my god. It’s not gonna—I don’t want to burst people’s…what am I bursting?”

You’re bursting OUR bubble, man! You look great in a suit, but we want to see you wearing multicolored T-shirts at The Max again.

“Okay, well, sorry, Hollyscoop,” Mark told us.

Chris Klein is set to be a guest star on ‘Franklin & Bash’, and Gosselaar told us there’s another high profile celebrity he’d love to have on the show:

“I would love to have Jeff Bridges come on,” Mark told Hollyscoop. “It would be awesome if Jeff Bridges played my dad.”

Gosselaar’s costar, Breckin Meyer, added: “I think he’s big. Jeff Bridges would be big. I have like two or three. I would really love Michael Keaton to come and play on the show. Richard Dreyfuss. I just always think of guys we could have as awesome judges or guys to go against us.”

Since starring in the show together, Mark and Breckin have become what they call “WBFs”

“We’re work best friends,” Meyer tells Hollyscoop.

We also asked Meyer about his upcoming wedding, and he told us:

“It’s a movie called ‘The Wedding.’ It’s not an actual wedding. I’m just kidding.”

“That’s good,” Mark chimed in.

“You’re the bestest,” Brecklin told his costar.

Awww. Cutest bromance ever.

"It's adorable as sh-t," Meyer added.