Mark-Paul Gosselaar Says He's Proud Of 'Saved By the Bell'

June 8, 2012 By:
Mark-Paul Gosselaar Says He's Proud Of 'Saved By the Bell'

The barrel of drama surrounding the show that ended over 15 years ago has all the makings of the classic ruckus that used to fill the halls of Bayside High.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who starred as Zack Morris on the long running sitcom “Saved by the Bell,” totally dissed the show. Now, he claims his words were twisted, digging himself a bigger hole.

The original comments came in an interview with Yahoo! news.

“It’s not a great show,” he reportedly told Yahoo! “The writing is kind of hokey… it’s very much a piece of that time.”

Since the article was published, Gosselaar has come under fire for painting the show in such a bad light. After all, “SBTB” did serve as a launching pad for the rest of his career. The actor currently stars as the “Bash” half of TNT’s original series “Franklin & Bash.”

In a statement that Gosselaar gave to TMZ, it seems the actor’s opinion has done a complete 180.

"I'm proud of that show and have no problem talking about it," he said.

The actor admits that the writing is “cheesy,” but that’s why people tuned it… To get their cheese on! The Yahoo! story originally stated that he had no idea why people cared so much about the show:

“Gosselaar can’t figure out why people are still so obsessed with the Bayside gang.”

According to TMZ, Dave Newetz, the writer of the Yahoo! story, stands by his article “100%,” claiming he has the interview on tape. The comment that “It's not a great show. The writing is kind of hokey" was relayed verbatim.

The original story did say that the former teen star took a lot away from his four years on “SBTB,” citing “a strong work ethic,” and to take the business seriously.

One other thing that Zack taught Mark-Paul… How to talk his way out of trouble. Looks like he’s still got it!