Mark-Paul Gosselaar Reveals Summer Wedding Plans

May 29, 2012 By:
Mark-Paul Gosselaar Reveals Summer Wedding Plans

Hollyscoop headed to the set of TNT show “Franklin & Bash” to talk to the show’s stars Mark Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer! We got the dirt on a “Saved by the Bell” reunion, Mark’s upcoming wedding, and the guys' budding bromance!

Mark is best known for his role as Zach Morris on "Saved by the Bell." So, can we see the old gang getting together for ANOTHER "Saved by the Bell" reunion?

“NO!” Mark tells Hollyscoop, before adding, “I don’t want to burst people’s bubbles.”

Too bad, we were really rooting for Zach Morris’s acid wash jeans and world’s largest cell phone to make their television comeback.

Now, Mark has teamed up with Breckin Meyer for the courtroom drama “Franklin & Bash.”

Mark and Breckin play two lawyers that cause a stir when they join a stuffy law firm. They play successful young lawyers but has their onscreen fame gone to their heads?

Mark gives this ridiculous advice to upcoming actors.

“I don’t want them to have to work as hard as we have to,” says Mark, “You know, become a coal miner or something, because it’s so much easier.”

He’s kidding! We think?

The talk got serious only for a second as Mark dished on his upcoming wedding to advertising exec Catriona McGinn. The couple were engaged last August and this will be Mark’s second marriage.

“I’m real private about that kind of stuff, but yes, I’m getting married in July.”

In an interview with People magazine last year, Mark said that he knew Catriona was “the one.”

“How do you know they’re the one? You just know,” Mark revealed, “I feel fortunate enough that I found her and we found each other and that we can start a life together.”

And just in case Mark’s relationship doesn’t work out, he can always fall back on his bromance with Breckin.

“I will be your rebound. I won’t be your sloppy seconds but I’ll totally be your rebound,” Breckin tells us.

Franklin and Bash returns for a second season on June 5th on TNT.