Marion Cotillard Wins Oscar For Best Actress

February 25, 2008 By:
Marion Cotillard Wins Oscar For Best Actress

Another surprise win! A very emotional Marion Cotillard just picked up her first Oscar for “Best Actress In A Leading Role.” This award was well deserved, as Marion did a great job playing Edith Piaf, the legendary French singer who rose to international fame from her beginnings on the streets of Paris.

Marion was overjoyed about her win and clearly in shock. In her speech she thanked the city of Los Angeles saying, "It is true there is some angels in this city…thank you so so much." Marion also said she was “speechless” and thanked "life and love."

Marion was adorable during her acceptance speech and we're ecstatic for her big win. She looked gorgeous in her Jean Paul Gaultier white dress, which may have been her lucky charm tonight!

Check out the video below of Marion's speech, also pay attention to Cate Blanchett when they announce the winner. Did she think she was going to take the award?