Why Is Mario Lopez Making Out with Adrienne Maloof?

February 22, 2013 By:
Why Is Mario Lopez Making Out with Adrienne Maloof?
Image By: Splash News

For everyone who hasn't had their breakfast yet, here's Mario Lopez going mouth to Maloof in a hardcore kiss with the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star.

Adrienne Maloof, the recent divorcee, her golden locks cascading down her back, her claws clutching Mario's shoulders while he grips the small of her back in a lip lock fit for a cheesy 10-cent romance novel.

You can remove Adrienne from your short list of potential Anastasia Steeles because that's where this Mario Lopez-Adrienne Maloof fanfic no one really wants to read ends—it was all a charity kiss.

Charity, literally, not figuratively. The two attended the charity auction Have a Heart Auction in Honor of Zeke (HelpZeke.com) to raise money for a 20-year-old man who underwent a heart transplant this year, and Adrienne paid $25,000 for the one-on-one sesh. No foul play or cheating scandal on the horizon, it was all for a good cause.

Here's another photo. We know you want it…

Adrienne, who owns The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings, is a businesswoman. She was just making a huge investment with her mouth and getting her money's worth.