Photo: Mario Lopez Trims The Tree In His Underwear

December 11, 2012 By:
Photo: Mario Lopez Trims The Tree In His Underwear


Mario Lopez. In his tiny red underwear. Trimming the Christmas tree. This is super normal and everything makes sense.


Apparently, you need red tighty-whities to properly assemble a Christmas tree.

Yah, if you’re a MALE STRIPPER. Also, apparently if you are Mario Lopez. But we're not complaining.

Mario’s new wife Courtney Mazza snapped the photo of her hot hubby in his skivvies, posted it to twitter and wrote, “My husband looks hot rocking his @RatedMOfficial with his little elf…#lovethem.”


Courtney obviously realized that this is NOT a thing you post on the internet, unless of course she LIKES having tons of single middle aged woman drooling over her husband, and quickly deleted the post. Thankfully, the Internet is a dark and perverted place and the photo has lived on MUAHAHAHHA!

Also, those underwear are from Mario’s bodywear collection Rated M.

Mario told Hollyscoop that Rated M is for the man who doesn’t “take himself too serious,” saying the M in “Rated M” stands for “man, macho, magical, whatever you want it to be.”

In this instance, we’re going with “magical.”

Have a magical Christmas everyone.