Mario Lopez Writing A Children's Book

September 25, 2008 By:
Mario Lopez Writing A Children's Book

Mario Lopez is writing a children's book! Don't know how he's qualified to that, but whatever!

He's teamed up with his sister Marissa to write Mud Taco, which will be an illustrated work of fiction based on Mario's own experiences growing up in California.

An insider tells In Touch, "Mario wants to share his amazing experiences as a kid. It's called Mud Taco, and it's based on Mario's experiences growing up. For fun, he and Marissa would make tacos out of mud in the backyard, substituting worms for cheese, grass for lettuce, and mud for meat. Now they're writing a book about it to teach children to be strong and creative."

It's actually a really cute idea for a book. Now if only Mario could stop
being such a womanizer! The book will be published by Penguin Books next year.