Mario Lopez's Belated Honeymoon Details Revealed

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Mario Lopez's Belated Honeymoon Details Revealed
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Mario Lopez has been so busy lately with his hosting gigs on "The X Factor" and "Extra," he hasn't had time to go on a romantic getaway with his wife Courtney Mazza. (He has found time to go bare at The Grove when he streaked through the shopping center after losing a Super Bowl bet, however.)

Hollyscoop caught up with those million dollar dimples during the Celebration of LA's Music Industry at the Getty House last night. While he and his wife have recently committed to each other in December of last year, they've yet to commit to a honeymoon.

"I haven't officially gone on my honeymoon yet and my wife and I are thinking about going to her motherland of Italy," Mario told Hollyscoop. "She has family there and we want to go to Italy and visit the family and do a real good solid trip throughout the country, which would be awesome. We've only haven't gone because I've been working a lot, but I think that's the move." Better late than never! We hear Italy is great this and every time of year.

"Our lives are already pretty honeymoon-ish," Mario adds. "We're very, very blessed."

Mario and Courtney welcomed a baby in 2010 and he reveals they're already trying for daughter Gia's little brother or sister.

"Oh yeah, we are practicing," Mario tells us. "Hopefully, we'll get lucky soon."

Besides family, any other new projects in the works? We know Mario still has to have his A.C. tank tops, biker shorts, and curly mullet lying around somewhere because quite frankly, those belong in the Smithsonian. Hollyscoop asked Mario if he'd be interested in ever jumping in on a "Saved By The Bell" reunion someday.

"I get asked this often, I'm just busy [at the moment]," Mario says of all those reunion rumors, but adds he's not opposed to the idea at all. "If they can make it work, then I wouldn't be the one to hold it up."