Mario Lopez Poses With Half-Naked Guys For RatedM

July 16, 2012 By:

Oh Mario Lopez, what are you good for if you’re not taking your shirt off? Well, I guess if Mario poses with a gaggle of shirtless men, that’s a decent compromise.

Mario didn’t take a break from filming his show EXTRA to pose with the Abercrombie models at The Grove, the TV host was on hand at the Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center to celebrate the launch of his underwear line RatedM.

Fans and shoppers got to meet and mingle with Mario or grab a signed headshot of the star, well, I guess not a headshot as much as an abshot?

Also at the underwear launch were RatedM’s #manful models. I had never heard the phrase “manful” used before, but it means “having or showing boldness, courage, or strength.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but all I see is five guys wearing boxer briefs #manful? Not like there’s anything wrong with that!
Mario told Hollyscoop at the launch of the collection that “the M can stand for anything: man, macho, magical…whatever you want it to be.”

The tagline for Mario’s underwear collection is “RatedM: For manful men and their very special guests.” Heyo!

Mario joins the ranks of David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg who are known for their underwear campaigns and Mario says it’s “great” to be included in the same breath as these men.

“Those guys are successful, family men, and I admire that, I’m happy to be in this business and this line of work,” Mario tells Hollyscoop.

The new collection boasts trunks, briefs, boxer briefs, cycle shorts, singlet’s, muscle tees, v-neck tees, crew necks and tank tops. For the man who might not have a body like Mario, at least now you can dress like him, or…undress like him…

Expect to see Mario’s fashion endeavors move beyond just undergarments.

“I always wanted to get into apparel and I figured, why not start with underwear? Every man needs it, we tried to have fun with it and be funny, and not take ourselves too seriously,” says Mario, “We hope to expand to more sportswear and apparel.”