Mario Lopez: It Would Be Awesome To Host 'X Factor'

July 17, 2012 By:

Currently, "The X Factor" is getting lost in all the "American Idol" hullabaloo, but last time we checked, "The X Factor" is already filming and doesn’t even have a host yet! "American Idol" has time to figure it out, but "The X Factor" needs a host ASAP!

There were rumors that Stacy Keibler, Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez were being shortlisted for the hosting gig and while Stacy is pretty and Khloe is bubbly, Mario Lopez is truly the only guy for the role.

What does he think about all "The X Factor" rumors circling his name?

“Well, I’m flattered to hear those rumors, that’s a very nice rumor because there are bad ones and that’s a nice one,” Mario tells Hollyscoop at the launch of his RatedM collection at Bloomingdales, “I’m a huge fan of Simon Cowell, it would be awesome to work with him and everyone that’s on board, [but] it’s just a rumor at the moment.”

And like everything in Hollywood, you can’t be sure when something is real or just a rumor, or as Mario tells us, “There’s always stuff floating around in Hollywood, but I’m a big fan of [Simon] and a big fan of the show.”

So for now, Mario Lopez hosting "The X-Factor" is up in the air.

The head honchos at "The X Factor" fired half its staff several months ago, that included letting go of its host Steve Jones. Who? Exactly.

Mario would be perfect for the role, he’s already the host of Randy Jackson’s side gig, “America’s Best Dance Crew” and the host of “Extra.” What I’m trying to say is, Mario Lopez could become the next workaholic uber-host like Ryan Seacrest. They could go head to head for host-world-domination!