Karina Smirnoff's Love Triangle

March 28, 2008 By:
Karina Smirnoff's Love Triangle

Oh Oh, someone's been a naughty girl! 'Dancing With the Stars' hottie Karina Smirnoff has had her hands full lately--literally!

Smirnoff, who is dating her former dance partner Mario Lopez, was spotted playing tonsil hockey with her current partner R&B singer Mario.

"They were making out by the valet with their hands all over each other, and he was whispering in her ear," reports the NY Post.

"It was around midnight, so there weren't many people around." They then got into their car and drove off together.

Mario's reps still haven't commented on the story (why would they?) and Karina's reps insist that they only have a "professional working relationship." Isn't that the same excuse they gave us when Karina and Mario Lopez first hooked up?