Marilyn Monroe: Celebrity Career Icon

June 1, 2011 By:
Marilyn Monroe: Celebrity Career Icon

On what would be her 85th birthday, we're celebrating the impact Marilyn Monroe has had on Hollywood. Not only is she a beauty icon, she's a career icon for many celebrities. From tattoos to hairstyles, so many celebs have tried to emulate the life of Monroe.

Anna Nicole Smith: Anna Nicole Smith said she could relate to the movie icon. "I just love her," Smith said. "I just completely feel what she went through." Unfortunately, Smith could feel it a little too much. Both women died of a drug overdose. Monroe was 36 and Smith was 37.

Lindsay Lohan: Lohan recreated Monroe's Last Sitting photo shoot, has been rumored to want to change her last name to "Monroe", and recently named a pair of leggings in her line in honor of Monroe's birthday. The ankle monitor might be kind of killing it, though.

Megan Fox: Fox said although she loves Marilyn Monroe, she would never try to emulate her. And apparently Fox's Marilyn tattoo isn't a sexy tribute. Fox said, "I got the tattoo as a warning. It warns me not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry that it breaks me down." A warning? Why not get a tattoo of Gary Coleman, then?

Mariah Carey: Mariah has paid homage to Marilyn in her fashion, but most recently, her offspring. Mariah named one of her twins "Monroe" after she was born. Good thing, too, because I was afraid she was going to call them "dem babies" for the rest of their lives.

Jennifer Lopez: Lopez brought back Monroe's sultry "Happy Birthday" performance when she sang to George Lopez in a similar dress. Lopez looked great, but George is no JFK.