Rumor: Lana Del Rey is Dating Marilyn Manson

March 23, 2012 By:
Rumor: Lana Del Rey is Dating Marilyn Manson

Rumor has it that indie darling and break out pop act Lana Del Rey is dating weirdo rocker Marilyn Manson.

Ugghh, ewww shut up please. Why do pretty young girls date Marilyn Manson? Because he’s like 20 years older than them and dresses like a scary goth clown on Halloween? Is that why they like him? Because of those two gross things?

Manson was married to Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese and then later got engaged to love time girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. He’s supposedly been single since splitting with Evan Rachel Wood two years ago, but who knows what other blonde actress/singers he’s been holding hostage dating since then.

Lana, 25, and Marilyn, 43, sparked rumors when they were seen “sneaking into an elevator” at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Berlin, Germany where Marilyn is staying.

Earlier this week they were getting dinner in Berlin and then attended the Echo Awards together that night where Lana was performing. Oh geez, he’s supporting her at shows already? It’s serious. The couple was spotted leaving the awards show together in a mini van after midnight.

How do you even date Marilyn Manson? Do you have to ask him to take off his lipstick before you kiss him? Ughh, I’m gonna have a stress nightmare tonight for sure now.