No More Birthdays for Mariah

March 24, 2008 By:
No More Birthdays for Mariah

You can touch her body, but you can't wish Mariah Carey a happy birthday. She may look amazing for her age, but 37-year-old Mariah is so terrified of getting older she stopped acknowledging her birthdays.

She says, "I'm eternally 12. And that 12-year-old inside me is an eternal optimist. Honestly, I don't even have birthdays.

"I call them anniversaries. It really is about how young you feel. Some people convince themselves they are old, or they think, 'I have to grow up now'. I will still always choose a day at Disney World over a night in Las Vegas. That's who I am."

We get the whole 'young at heart' part but calling your birthday your "anniversary" makes you sound like a old granny. Mariah's hot and she's still on top of her game, so who cares how old she is?!