Nick Cannon's Health Problems Will Be a Documentary

March 12, 2012 By:
Nick Cannon's Health Problems Will Be a Documentary

And half of it will be Mariah Carey posing for pictures while he’s cringing in pain on a hospital bed.

Nick Cannon was diagnosed with acute kidney failure in December, and then in February, doctors discovered blood clots in his lungs. Not a fun past few months, but Cannon wanted to have his medical journey documented for other people who are suffering from similar illness.

"The whole process I've been documenting,” Cannon told Piers Morgan on his show, Piers Morgan Tonight. “Since probably my first time out of the hospital in January, I've just been having the cameras on. It's real intimate and raw."

The short documentary is titled, The Incredible Health Hussle. Doctors discovered that Nick has been suffering from a rare form of lupus, which causes his immune system to attack his kidney organs.

Nick told Piers: "(I want) to kind of show the other people that are dealing with these illnesses that they're not alone. A lot of people see me on television talking to Piers Morgan and different shows but they don't really get to see how it's affecting me.”

Meanwhile, Nick has visited the headquarters of a lupus charity to raise awareness about the disease. Cannon said of his condition: “(It’s an) autoimmune disease that (doctors) found in my system…no one else in my family has it.”

Nick said that others suffering similarly probably have a lot of unanswered questions, and he hopes to address some of them in his documentary.
“There's so many questions. How did you get this? How are you working through it? You're going to see all of this... (in) The Incredible Health Hussle."