Nick Cannon Reveals Mariah's New Cravings

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Nick Cannon Reveals Mariah's New Cravings

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are thiiiis close to becoming first time parents, and they simply “can’t wait” for the arrival of their twins.

“Mariah has been singing to her belly,” an enthusiastic Nick tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY while promoting Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut on Saturday in Hollywood. “They react [to her singing] and it’s so amazing,” he gushes.

Mariah announced that her and hubby Nick were having twins back in October, and every day since then has been a blessing. They’ve already gotten started on the nursery and baby proofing the home, now it’s just a waiting game.

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So how are they preparing for the arrival of their twins? Parenting classes? Books? Nope! “We’re not taking any parenting classes, for what?” Nick asks. “My Mom never took any parenting classes. We got books and used it as coasters,” he joked, “they hold up the table.” He had a good point there!

They may not be big on classes and how-to books, but one thing he can’t seem to escape is Mariah’s pregnancy cravings.

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“She has lots of cravings,” Nick tells HS, “She actually did go through cereal cravings. There’s lots of cereal in our house because I'm a cereal eater and I have those type of cravings so it’s definitely been cereal all around since the pregnancy started.”

And being the good husband that he is, he’s always willing to go out on a craving run for his wife. “I had to go on runs to find Candied Apples! There's no circus in town, where would I find Candied Apples? …I made mini craving runs.”

Cravings aside, Nick admits Mariah is such a great cook, he’s gained most of the weight during the pregnancy. He tells Hollyscoop, Mariah “figured out so brilliantly that she doesn't actually have to eat the food she craves, she just has to smell it and be apart of it, so she has been cooking every single night like all of my favorite stuff so I'm the one gaining weight.”

As excited as they both are to becoming first time parents, he tells Hollyscoop they’re trying to embrace these moments and take them one day at a time.

“I’m so ready,” said Nick, “But I'm trying not to look too far ahead because then it’s like when they’re 19 I'm gonna do this... You can't be starting college plans already,” he says, “you got to take it one day at a time, so I’ll take everyday as it comes.”

One things that’s certain they’re ready to give those twins lots of love. “Wouldn’t it be weird if one was a songstress and one was some crazy hyperactive kid?” Nick proudly asked. “We’re definitely going to make sure that we got equal amounts of us with them and in them,” he added.

Can’t wait for the arrival of their sure to be beautiful twins. Check back for an exclusive interview with Nick Cannon!