Nick Cannon Regretting Naked Photos

April 5, 2011 By:
Nick Cannon Regretting Naked Photos

Apparently, Nick Cannon had artistic nude photographs taken with his pregnant wife, Mariah Carey. Which means that somewhere, there’s a photographer curled up in the fetal position, weeping over the image burned into his retinas.

On his radio show, Rollin’ with Nick Cannon, the soon-to-be father said that taking the pictures might not be the genius idea he originally thought it was. He and Carey plan to display the photos in their home.

“My children are going to have to see these pictures,” Cannon said. “It’s a little weird.”

Has the option of, I don’t know, not hanging up these photos crossed his mind?

“When they get older and their friends come over, they will see the pictures and say, ‘Your daddy’s butt naked’. I don’t want my naked booty out there for everyone to see.”

I guess not. Cannon also added, “It’s a little nasty. Have you ever seen your parents naked?”

*shudders* Damn you, Cannon. Damn you.