Nick Cannon Is Ready to Be a Dad

June 23, 2009 By:
Nick Cannon Is Ready to Be a Dad

This isn't going to help with those baby rumors! Nick Cannon says he's ready to be a father so he can smother his "children with love. The same way I do to my wife” Mariah Carey.

“I want to be a father that’s all about love,” Cannon said. “That’s the main thing to get right and at the end of the day it’s just about smothering my children with love. The same way I do to my wife!”

“I will probably be the fun dad because I’m silly,” he adds. “I’m always trying to have a good time and always doing funny and stupid stuff.”

“We had our first year and enjoyed it. This year for us is about establishing everything and creating a household,” Cannon says.

“So when we do welcome a child, it will be in a very comfortable established home. So we are working on that and once this year calms down, then we’ll probably start taking about it more seriously. That’s a priority, and it’s not just a quick decision.”

Nick seems like he would genuinely be a good father. He always goes out of his way to please his wife, so his children would be no different. And Mariah has been wanting children for years now as well, so we'd love to see these two have a couple of adorable kids. Get to work guys, we're all waiting!