Nick Cannon Planning Valentine's Day Surprise for Mariah

February 1, 2010 By:
Nick Cannon Planning Valentine's Day Surprise for Mariah

Nick Cannon is 100% head over heels in love with his wife Mariah Carey. The two are inseparable, and he talked with Hollyscoop about what he does to keep her happy.

Despite all the rumors, the couple is not expecting a baby, though they both have expressed that they’d like to start trying. Nick told Hollyscoop he would keep us in the loop when it comes to any stork news. “I’ll let you know,” he assured us. “I’ll let Hollyscoop know the scoop when I’m scooping it.”

One thing Nick is sure about is Valentine’s Day. “That is one of my favorite days,” he confessed on the red carpet at the Grammy awards. “I’m a hopeless romantic. I have to shower my wife with something amazing.”

So what do you get the woman who seems to have it all…more bling bling? Nick refused to tell us, insisting his wife is an avid Hollyscoop reader, and didn’t want to ruin the surprise. “I’m not telling you my secret but I will let you know that is has to do with a getaway,” Nick dished.

Mariah Carey Pregnant

Hmm, they just came back from Aspen, so it can’t be there. Perhaps Nick is planning a romantic getaway to the Jersey Shore? He is a fan after all. He told us, “Absolutely, that is MTV that is how I get down.”

For Mariah’s sake, we hope Nick opts for someplace a little more tropical! We can't see Mariah dancing the night away at Karma!