Nick Cannon on Getting His Twins Christmas Gifts: 'There's No Point'

December 2, 2011 By:
Nick Cannon on Getting His Twins Christmas Gifts: 'There's No Point'

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are rumored to have gone all out for their kids’ nurseries, and you know they spoil those adorable tykes on a daily basis.

But Christmas is going to be a different story. When asked about the extravagant gifts he plans to get his twins, Moroccon and Monroe, for their first Christmas, Cannon jokes:

“This year there’s no point because they won’t remember.”

It’s kinda true. Somehow though, I doubt Mariah is going to let him get away with that. She reportedly splashed out $100,000 on the kids’ nursery alone. That’s more than some people spend on a home. But still, Nick insists that: “All the toys are just going to be for me.”

Cannon says that his kids are “little baby geniuses,” claiming that his son has already picked up a musical instrument:

“My son knows how to play the drums,” he said. “He actually knows how to keep the rhythm and time. It’s really crazy."

Impressive, but watch out, Nick. Pretty soon he’ll be dating Pamela Anderson.

“They’ll definitely have some skill in [music],” the new father predicts.

Cannon continued gushing about his two babies:

“They're already singing and talking. They're both saying 'dada' and 'mama' and 'papa.' They're amazing. My daughter's already trying to walk."

Cannon says that he and Carey will be spending Christmas in Aspen, like they usually do. So do the he and Mariah have plans to expand the family even more?

“I think we’re good with two,” Nick laughed. “That’s what my wife says: ‘I’m done! You got two out of me at once.’”

Hollyscoop talked to Cannon recently, and he told us that, since the kids have been born, he and Mariah are closer than ever.

"I mean, [Mariah and I] are connected for life for real now, regardless of whatever goes on,” Nick told Hollyscoop.

And when asked about their decision to debut their kids on 20/20, Nick told us:

“My wife has a wonderful relationship with Barbara Walters. It felt like if we were going to do anything we didn't want to selling our pictures and stuff like that. So you might as well invite someone into our home that we are comfortable with to do an interview and hopefully that would be that."

He continued:

“I don't really consider it showing them off to the world, that's not really what it was about.”