Nick Cannon: My Twins Are Walking Now!

June 7, 2012 By:
Nick Cannon: My Twins Are Walking Now!

Nick Cannon is a busy guy. And it turns out his schedule is taking its toll on his family life.

The ”America’s Got Talent” host has opened up about missing them. Recently, he’s noticed his twins Moroccan and Monroe growing up fast. The 13-month-old twins are starting to take their first steps.

The details were on display thanks to People magazine.

“They are taking steps and figuring it out, but I wouldn't say they are walking yet," Cannon said. “I thought walking was, like, one day you stand and then you just start walking. I didn't know it was a process.”

Well how would you if you’re never there?

Cannon’s wife Mariah Carey was recently spotted vacationing with the rug rats in Capri. He stayed behind to direct his first feature film, School Dance. The movie, which he co-wrote and is producing, is shooting in Norwalk, California.

According to the actor/director/host/whatever else, he sees the twins one every seven days, giving him the consistency of an episode of “Glee.”

Based on his rare visits, Cannon says it’s an even race to see which child will walk first.

“Roc can balance himself a lot better,” he said. “He can stand and bounce without falling for a long time. But Monroe takes more steps than he does."

Nick’s lack of responsibility seems to put Mariah in the position of being a mother of three, instead of just two. When he’s not off playing director, he’s hiding his boxing regiment from her, which she doesn’t approve of thank you very much…

“It’s a big secret. Don’t tell her,” he told People.