Nick Cannon Honors His 'Hero' Mariah Carey at BET Honors Awards

January 16, 2012 By:
Nick Cannon Honors His 'Hero' Mariah Carey at BET Honors Awards

Not many of us can say we married and knocked up our heroes. Nick Cannon is a different story.

Nick has been in the hospital after wife Mariah Carey revealed his “mild kidney failure,” but over the weekend, the couple made their first public appearance since the hospitalization.

Carey was set to take home the Entertainer Award at the BET Honors Awards, and Cannon presented his wife with the honor.

Holding their eight-month old son Moroccan, Nick said: “When times are hard, you guys don’t see her at 3 o’clock in the morning, getting up in the middle of the night, fixing me soup when my kidneys ain’t acting right. Mariah Carey does that.”

Unfortunately, they don’t make “fixin soup” awards, so Carey had to settle with the Entertainer Award. And yes, “kidneys ain’t acting right” is actually the medical term. Nick continued:

"It is truly, truly a blessing to be here tonight, and I am humbled and in awe of everyone's presence, but mostly my hero right there. What most people don't get the opportunity to experience is the true woman; the virtuous person who is my angel."

Accepting her award, Mariah said:

"To my incredible husband who [has been] out of the hospital two days - look at him all strong and healthy and big…”

Awwww he a big boy! Yes he is!

Mariah also explained her daughter, Monroe’s, absence.

“Miss Monroe Cannon's backstage, darling. We were both sewn into our dresses, so she couldn't make it out."

Carey also received a tribute at the ceremony, with Patti LaBelle singing a version of Hero and Kelly Rowland belting out Fantasy.