Nick Cannon Adds Fuel to Mariah Pregnancy Rumors

August 29, 2010 By:
Nick Cannon Adds Fuel to Mariah Pregnancy Rumors

If Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are sooooo superstitious when it comes to her reported pregnancy, maybe they should stop talking about it.

The both refuse to confirm her pregnancy, but Nick has been talking up a storm about what a great mom Mimi will be and how they can't wait to have kids.

He gushed: "She's very nurturing. She's nurturing with me and makes me breakfast at anytime and that's my favorite food. It would be like 3 o'clock in the morning and she will still make me waffles. She'll be the best mom."

He added to People magazine: "I want to raise a child like the way I was brought up. Be someone who is stern but still fun loving and knows how to have a good time."

So do they have any preferences as far as the sex of the child goes? He said, "It's great to have a girl until she turns into a teenager. Then you have to worry about every other boy in the neighborhood and that would freak me out.

"With a boy, I'd be worrying about him breaking his arms and his legs. I was that type of kid. I was a daredevil so I'd be having to worry about that."

We all already know Mimi's expecting, so just go ahead and confirm it already people!