Mariah Transforms Herself for New Movie Role

May 15, 2009 By:
Mariah Transforms Herself for New Movie Role

Mariah Carey is proving to the world that she’s a serious actress. In her latest role, you may not even recognize her! She plays a dowdy social worker in the upcoming film Precious, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival today.

The movie, financed by Oprah and Tyler Perry, is about a young, overweight and illiterate teenage girl named Precious who is pregnant with her second child. Abused by her mother, and raped by her father, she lives each day depressed and goes unnoticed.

Rather than rely on welfare, Precious enrolls in school to try and change her life around. With the help of a social worker (Mariah Carey), and her teacher, Precious begins to turn her life around.

The film looks amazing, and Mariah deserves some praise for this role! Check out the trailer below.