Mariah: Nick Had a Big Influence on New Album

October 6, 2009 By:
Mariah: Nick Had a Big Influence on New Album

Mariah Carey just released her 12th studio album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and she wants her fans to know her husband Nick Cannon played a big role in the making of the record.

Mariah, who co-produced the record with Tricky Stewart and The Dream, says the album is like taking pages from her private diary. She tells Popeater, “You know what? It was easier to revisit the painful times because they're over and I wanted to let out how I was feeling. And in a way, letting it out when there's also humor attached to it is more therapeutic.”

While we don’t necessarily equate humor with Mariah, she insists it’s a big part of her make-up. She says, “It's interesting because my friends know that my sense of humor is like 70% of who I am. It's had to be that way since I was a little kid. But my work didn't always tend to reflect that and I think that collaborating is fun and so, therefore, whatever you're feeling, you can bounce it off of somebody, where if you're just by yourself, maybe you wouldn't have the guts to say, ‘okay, maybe I'm just going to say this one line.’”

She definitely let the world know how she was feeling when she released “Obsessed,” her first single off the album, which was all about Eminem’s apparent obsession with her.

And on top of being silly, Mariah says she likes to surprise herself. She says, “I go for walk in a semi-disguise. That's fun to me. I like to go to public places and do things that I would never get a chance to do. The other night, I went out wearing all Nick's clothes.”

And speaking of her husband, she says Nick helped her in every way to write Memoirs. She says, “I think being with Nick had a big influence on this album because we would just drive around and listen to it and there would be little things we would [suggest]. Just even little ad-libs or things that I would do that would become our favorite little part. He's really into different groups from back in the day and so that's a really specific style and even if it's just a "yeah" (sings softly) like that, I did something that I knew he would think was cute. I might do it just to make him laugh and then that would be his favorite part.”

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