Mariah Carey's Sister Begs To See Her Niece and Nephew

May 30, 2012 By:
Mariah Carey's Sister Begs To See Her Niece and Nephew

Mariah Carey’s twins are growing up fast. And we’re not the only one’s who are noticing it.

The “We Belong Together” singer’s older sister Alison is pleading for Mariah to let her see her niece and nephew. Twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott celebrated their first birthday last month and Alison has never even met them.

In an interview with UK’s The Sun, Alison told her side of the story.

“It has been many years since we last spoke,” she told The Sun. “But to me, despite all the bad times and the arguments, she will always be my baby sister.”

The sisters had a falling out in 1994. Mariah and her mother Patricia had fought Alison for custody of her own son Michael, as they felt she was unfit to care for him citing her drug use.

Alison, a victim of HIV, has openly admitted that she worked as a prostitute in New York City for years, many of which she supported Mariah before she was a worldwide pop sensation.

“It has been incredible watching Mariah grow and blossom into a successful, independent woman with the world at her feet,” she said.

With her life back on track, she is hoping for a chance at meeting her estranged family members. All she currently has to cling to are pictures of Monroe and Moroccan that bring back memories of the families painful past.

Mariah and her husband Nick Canon married in 2008. The beaming singer and her kids were recently snapped in Capri, Italy in a picture posted by a Twitter fan group called Team Mariah. Dad was stuck at home, filming for “America’s Got Talent.”

The sisters last spoke four years ago on New Year’s Eve. Mariah had promised her father on his deathbed in 2002 that she would reconcile with Alison. But according to Alison, she has yet to fulfill that pledge.

Finishing on a teary note to her sis, Alison said, “If I had a message it would be, ‘Just call me.’”