Mariah Carey Will Only Date Celebrities

March 20, 2008 By:
Mariah Carey Will Only Date Celebrities

One would assume that someone as private as Mariah Carey would only date non-celebrities, but apparently it's the complete opposite.

Mariah says that any future boyfriend of hers will have to be a celebrity so they can "understand" her and "take care" of her needs. Because non-celebrities aren't capable of 'understanding'??

She told Allure: "That’s a big deal for me - feeling like somebody else can’t fully understand me because they’re not in show business.

"It shouldn’t matter, but it does, because the energy it takes to be 'on' is a lot."

Even if Mariah was dating a celebrity chances are no one would find out about it. Mimi hasn't been seen with a potential boyfriend in years, so maybe this 'only celebrities' rule isn't exactly working in her favor. Just a thought.