Mariah Carey Sparks More Pregnancy Rumors

December 9, 2008 By:
Mariah Carey Sparks More Pregnancy Rumors

Could Mariah Carey be pregnant ? All signs point to yes! Yesterday Mimi was seen coming out of a well-known ob/gyn's office on North Crescent Boulevard, "clutching what looked like a sonogram and being greeted by her entourage with cheers. She was ebullient," reports Page Six.

She happened to be coming out of the same doctor's office that Minnie Driver could go to when she was pregnant, and was holding very similar documents, according to spies.

Mimi has already expressed how much she wants kids, but did say she would stay mum when she found out she was pregnant. Earlier last month she was quoted as saying, "People are constantly asking me if I'm pregnant, but I don't like to talk about it too much. I just think about it as the next phase. We'll see."

Just a few weeks ago Mariah was a guest on Ellen's talk show and refused a glass of champagne from Ellen, which helped spark more pregnancy rumors.

The mid-drift tops have been noticeably absent from her wardrobe lately, and maybe the new baby news is what prompted Nick Cannon to buy her that ridiculously expensive ski lodge. What do you guys think?