Mariah Carey on More Children With Nick Cannon: 'I'm Done!'

June 22, 2011 By:
Mariah Carey on More Children With Nick Cannon: 'I'm Done!'

Having two human beings ripped from her loins has scared Mariah Carey off of kids. Carey and devoted husband, Nick Cannon, have been at odds over whether they'll bring more children into the world.

When asked whether he wants more, Nick said: "I do, Mariah doesn't! She was like, 'That's it, I'm done! Two at once!'"

The couple gave birth to their twins, Monroe and Moroccan, on April 30th. Though Nick didn't "give birth" so much as he just stood there listening to Mariah scream out her labor pains to the tune of Vision of Love.

"It was an intense pregnancy to carry twins around," Cannon continued. "She was a trooper. She's feeling amazing now. She's back on her feet doing her thing."

Despite the fact that these two will instantly inherit their parents' stardom, Nick hopes for a different career path for them.

"There are so many other aspiring things to be in life. I always think we put too much emphasis on the entertainment world. I would love it if my children were doctors."

Step 1 in keeping your kids away from the entertainment industry: don't shop around for baby's first tabloid photo. Nick adds that he's assimilating to fatherhood quite nicely.

"I'm kind of cut out for fatherhood because I never sleep. So now, instead of doing other stuff, I'm with my kids. Other than that, definitely more sensitive to my moves because I'm responsible for people now."