Mariah Carey Goes on Massive Shopping Spree

February 26, 2009 By:
Mariah Carey Goes on Massive Shopping Spree

Recession? What recession? Pop diva Mariah Carey doesn't have to bother with things like "recession" or "budget" because she clearly has money coming out of her ears.

Mimi just went on a 4 hour lavish spending spree in Los Angeles, buying up more than $200,000 worth of chairs, sofas and furnishings from a trendy Melrose Avenue boutique.

And the singer didn't want to be interrupted while she shopped so her entourage, which included hubby Nick Cannon, closed down Kreiss Showrooms so she can shop in peace.

One insider says, "It was like a raid - the shop was closed down and her huge minders stood guard at the door.

"Mariah clearly knew what she wanted, but took her time making sure she got the right matches and designs. She has terrific taste."

Among the things she spent major cash on were contemporary chairs and sofas from the company's Gatsby range and several chairs in beige and taupe with dark wood frames in rosewood and mahogany.

How many chairs can two people have in one home?? She spent $50,000 an hour on chairs, which is more money than most people make annually. On the bright side though, she's helping out the economy...Paris Hilton style.