Mariah Carey Giving Birth Today?

April 29, 2011 By:
Mariah Carey Giving Birth Today?

Thank God, because I can’t look at her stomach anymore. Seriously, it’s like a snake swallowed a miniature horse.

According to Extra, Mariah Carey has booked a caesarean section today. According to an insider: “"Hollywood baby bump watchers are whispering that the singer is scheduled to undergo a C-section at an L.A. area hospital on Friday."

Husband Nick Cannon recently said, “She's doing amazing, but literally, it's any moment now. It's not even any day now… She is ready to just pop!”

One can only hope dem babies will make their appearance today. Cannon added that Mariah almost went to the hospital on Wednesday because she thought she was going into labor.

When she finally does give birth, I can’t wait to say “congratulations”. Not so much to her, but mostly to her Twitter followers who no longer have to see pictures of her stomach.