Mariah Carey Confirmed As Judge On 'American Idol'

July 23, 2012 By:

After much speculation, including Nick Cannon slamming rumors that Mariah Carey wouldn’t be joining “American Idol” because he wife was “too expensive” for the dying reality show, the pop diva has announced today that she is definitely joining the show as a new judge.

FOX just released a statement announcing her addition to the show, “We are proud to have one of the world’s greatest-ever female singers join our show,” says Idol creator Simon Fuller, “Mariah defines the word ‘Idol’ and will inspire every singer that has the honor of performing in front of her.”

Talk about pressure for those contestants! Performing for J.Lo or Randy Jackson is no big deal, but trying to belt out a Mariah song in front of the diva herself would make anyone choke “Sweet sweet fantasy baby uhhh…”

“As a singer, songwriter and producer, it’s going to be fun and rewarding to help find new talent and give back with American Idol,” Mariah Carey said in the statement, “…I can’t wait to channel my creative energy as a part of this show which is a massive global phenomenon.”

Mariah also used the press release as a way to pimp out her upcoming album. Classy.

“I’m currently in the studio working on my new album and its first single, ‘Triumphant,’ which will be out early next month,” she adds.

J.Lo proved that an “Idol” stint can be used to make a comeback, clearly Mariah Carey is following in her footsteps, or taking J.Lo’s sloppy seconds, call it what you will, but this “Idol” stint will definitely reinvigorate her career.

We at Hollyscoop think she’ll stay on the show for one year, tops.

“Mariah Carey is the real deal,” says a suit at FOX, “She has a deep knowledge of music and a career insight that will make her a really amazing asset to our judges’ table and to our contestants.”

Now, to find out who the remaining judge will be. If they’re going with the comeback kid plan and “Idol” relaunching a dead career, it looks like Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, and I don’t know, Jessica Simpson are all worthy candidates.