Mariah Carey and Dog Perform at NFL Kickoff

September 6, 2012 By:
Mariah Carey and Dog Perform at NFL Kickoff

Beer, chicken wings, and men grabbing men in tight pants…

It’s officially football season and Mariah Carey kicked off the year with a performance during an hour-long pregame show on Wednesday. And, for some reason, joining her on stage was her Wishbone dog.

Mariah stepped out on stage in a sparkly black, mini dress along with the confused pouch on a red leash.

As the pop diva sang “Touch My Body,” she bent down to pick the dog up and show him off to the cheering audience.


The pup’s name is a Jill. E Beans. He’s a Jack Russell terrier; one of Mariah’s five-member dog army.

In addition for the unnecessary dog addition to the show, another noteworthy moment in the performance included the songstress showing up late to one of her own songs.

As Cee Lo Green took the stage to perform a duet of “Triumphant (Get ’Em)," Mariah hung backstage for a minute and a half into the song… Black and white video footage with the title card “fashionably late” intro’ed the singer as the crowd waited for their goddess’ arrival.

The newest “American Idol” judge performed three other songs in her set and sported one other outfit: a glammed up, gold “mullet” dress. She put the wardrobe to good use, later posting an Instagram picture of her in the outfit singing Jazz at the Carlyle Hotel.

“During an impromptu visit to the Carlyle, singing Jazz standards I've loved since childhood,” she wrote on the photo’s caption.


Also performing in the kickoff No Doubt and Queen Latifah…

Oh, in case you’re wondering who actually won in the game… The Cowboys whooped on the New York Giants, winning 24-17.