Mariah Bares Her Painted Pregnant Belly Again

April 25, 2011 By:
Mariah Bares Her Painted Pregnant Belly Again

Mariah Carey is getting a little too Twitter-happy with posting photos of her pregnant belly. On Sunday night, Carey posted another pic of her painted up stomach—this time showing off a giant Easter egg.

These kids are seriously going to come out high from the paint fumes. And they need to come out soon, because the only eggs that are that big came from dinosaurs.

In addition to Carey, Miranda Kerr, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, and Britney Spears are among those celebrities who have been graced the cover of magazines nude and with child. Celebrities love posing naked when they’re pregnant. And I’m not saying it’s gross, but if I wanted to look at photos of something natural, I’d pick up a National Geographic.

Us Weekly photo editor Peter Grossman (aptly named) explained the phenomenon. “During pregnancy, the naked body isn't as sexualized. It is safer to go nude because you're looking at these women as life-giving vessels rather than sex objects,” Grossman said.

I get it, but how about somewhere between not sexualized and not as big as a house? Because I know it’s about the babies, but at the end of the day, it’s still a big fat stomach, natural or not.

What if one of these celebrities just ate a hell of a lot of Chipotle and then tried to show off their naked, overweight guts in the same vein? It wouldn’t happen because no one wants to see that. But do people want to see it under other circumstances? Author Cooper Lawrence doesn’t, but for slightly different reasons.

“We only encourage their delusions of grandeur by making it easy for them to think that their pregnancy is indeed the second coming, so they must be photographed for posterity, for all the world to see, since they are indeed 'special,” Cooper said.

If you really want to show off how natural the human body is when it’s pregnant, why not photograph your swollen cankles? Because I don’t think most women look like Miranda Kerr when they’re having a baby.