Mariah and Nick Talk About the Wedding

May 8, 2008 By:
Mariah and Nick Talk About the Wedding

If you're sick of hearing about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's surprise wedding, you might as well skip this post because it has cheesy written all over it.

Mimi and her new boo sat down with People magazine for an exclusive interview about their wedding. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Nick on their whirlwind affair:
“It was a love-at-first-sight thing. Since we’ve been together, we’ve been inseparable.”

Mariah on how friends knew they were getting serious:
“One thing (few people) knew was we got tattoos a few weeks earlier. So anyone who saw my (”Mrs. Cannon”) tattoo wasn’t surprised. To me rings are special and exciting, but tattoos mean more than anything. They’re forever and ever.”

Nick on their connection:
“From the first time we sat down to discuss the video at the Beverly Hills Hotel, we connected. … I was able to be myself with her. We are both eternally 12 years old.”

Mariah on plans to have kids:
“It’s part of the whole purpose of getting married. I’d just want our children to have the best childhood and upbringing they possibly could.”

Mariah on her dress and shoes:

She wore an off-white gown by Nile Cmylo. “And (Christian) Louboutins — I can wear high heels with Nick because he’s tall. Flats are not in my repertoire.”