Let Them Eat Cake: Mariah Carey’s Twins First Birthday Celebration

May 14, 2012 By:
Let Them Eat Cake: Mariah Carey’s Twins First Birthday Celebration

Anyone who’s ever watched Mariah Carey’s episode of MTV Cribs—as she’s teetering around half naked in her stilettos donning designer dresses and pointing out the gold “M” tile insets in the floor of her palatial closet, while managing to completely ignore the stylist who appears to live somewhere in the back right corner—knows that she has zero concept of modesty. (YouTube, do it now).

What then would such a woman plan for her twins Monroe and Moroccan’s (adjective not noun) first birthday party? While themes for toddler birthdays are standard, they usually run along the lines of the ambiguous, like cowboys or rainbows. Carey and husband Nick Cannon’s vision for this first of many annual celebrations was more specific: wealth.


According to Us Weekly, on Sunday April 29th the Carey/Cannon clan partied in Paris at the decadent Plaza Athénée whose website boasts recent renovations and the pervasive scent of “the unique fragrance of amber”—whatever that means, I’m sure it’s expensive. Room rates range from 755 to 25,000 Euros a night, but let's be honest, Carey’s ego wouldn’t fit into a standard single, so it’s safe to assume we can cut the bottom off of that price range.

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The diamonds were dripping like drool as the family - decked out in very formal wear - watched their kids tool around in a toy Ferrari, bang out some soon to be hits on a mini piano and nibble on decadent Parisian cakes. No word on whether the sibs were allowed to go elbow deep in their sweets, or if Mom has people on staff to do that for them.

Decorations included balloons and confetti, no one mentioned Glitter. Pictures of the adorable tots and the affair to remember can be seen on the twins very own website, DemBabies.

How Carey plans on commemorating birthdays her kids might actually remember remains to be seen, but clearly a pizza party and mini golf isn’t going to cut it.