Ashlee Scared Of Mariah

April 10, 2008 By:
Ashlee Scared Of Mariah

We love a great scandal and this one made our day! Insiders think that Ashlee Simpson’s people have been leaking Mariah Carey songs on the Internet. Why you ask? Well, they are apparently trying to create less competition for Ashlee because her new album releases a week after Mariah’s. Ashlee’s “camp” should be very nervous, Mariah has been breaking all sorts of records with her new single.

A source told MSNBC, "Joe Simpson has every right to be nervous about Ashlee going up against Mariah. They are backed into a corner with this release date since they already changed it once. Their only option in fighting the Mariah machine would be to create a way to make the album's release less newsworthy."

Naturally, Simpson’s rep denied any wrong doing saying, "Mariah is a great artist, but the only album release Ashlee is focused on right now is her own."

Ashlee probably doesn’t even know what’s going on, but we wouldn't put it beneath Papa Joe. Joe better watch out, Mariah looks like she can give a good beat down while wearing 5-inch heels.