Maria Shriver: I Need to Protect My Family Now

June 15, 2011 By:
Maria Shriver: I Need to Protect My Family Now

Maria Shriver is trying to protect her kids and family rather than lash anger at her ex-husband’s mistress.

Mildred Baena finally broke her silence telling Hello Magazine what we already knew, that Arnold was indeed her one-time lover and her son Joseph is Arnold’s love child.

Baena tells the magazine that it was Shriver who approached her and asked her point blank who the father of the kid was and it was Shriver who cried with Baena over the news.

Baena tells the magazine that Arnold only recently found out about his love child, but that can’t be true as a source tells People, “Arnold’s been providing for the kid ever since he found out he was the father, which was when the kid was a young child.”

But Shriver isn’t going to dwell on the details. She has an obligation to keep her family from becoming too affected by their media portrayal.

While the Schwarzenegger’s continue to surface in the media, Shriver makes it her duty to protect her kids. “While Maria may not have been as angry at Mildred as she was at Arnold, her instinct would be to protect her family,” a source tells People, “Whatever she did in the aftermath was about taking care of her kids, trying to shield them and trying to minimize the repercussions.”

The drama has already affected the oldest Schwarzenegger son. Shriver has 4 kids with Arnold ages 13-17, their oldest son Patrick has reportedly moved out of the family home.