Maria Menounos Breaks 2 Ribs on DWTS

March 27, 2012 By:
Maria Menounos Breaks 2 Ribs on DWTS

She still managed to tie for second place after last night’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, but “Extra” host Maria Menounos is still nursing two broken ribs.

And you thought the Viennese Waltz looked “easy” and “was boring.” Hah, dancing will break your bones!

Maria fell on her partner Derek Hough’s knee and is now still on the mend from two broken ribs, though it didn’t show in last nights episode.

“It happened about a week before the cha cha,” Hough told Us Weekly “But she’s doing great.”

Hough wanted Menounos to sit out or slow down during rehearsals but the TV host is a total trooper, “I kept saying, ‘We are not talking about this! We are dancing. I am having the best time of my life and I need to power through.”

However, Menounos has a full mini pampering station waiting for her when she gets into the car!

“My friend Joe drives me from rehearsals and I have a pedicure station with ice in it in my car, so I ice my whole body down,” she says.

“Once I get home, I get in a hot tub and in an Epsom salt bath,” Menounos told Us, “I can’t believe how dangerous dancing is! I told Derek, ‘I don’t understand! I played ice hockey, football, basketball – when did I get so fragile? Unfortunately the Hough’s too rough!”

“The Hough’s too rough,” – Derek Hough’s creepy new catchphrase.

“The doctors said they can feel the bone growing and it’s a good sign,” she says, “The doctor told me to rest but I said there is no way I can quit. I have been just doing the best I can.”