Jennifer Lopez Calls Marc Anthony a "Pig"

April 6, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lopez Calls Marc Anthony a

Jennifer Lopez calls Marc Anthony a “pig” during a recent episode of “Q’Viva” because Marc is a total sleaze!

At least she didn't call him a "slut pig," because then she'd probably have to give royalties to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Wuddup Kim Richards, we remember you!)

In the episode, some of Marc’s female contestants walk onstage and Marc goes, “Oh these are my honeys, these are my babies.”

First of all “ewww.” Anyways, J.Lo feels for Marc Anthony exactly like we do, and says, “You are a pig!” directly to his face!

If I just saw my ex-husband call a couple of scantily clad women, “babies” I could think of a few more offensive names than “pig,” for example, one could easily offend Marc Anthony specifically with “creep,” “Skeletor face,” and “dead possum eyes.”

Anyways, J.Lo laughs it off, but the look on her face when she called him a pig definitely wasn’t joking.

Aside from the “pig” comment, J.Lo and Marc were at each other’s throats during most of the episode.

Marc started getting really heated and berating J.Lo for not choosing the correct contestants, and J.Lo says in disbelief, “I said the same thing earlier!”

Then, he talks down to her like she’s a child, “Jennifer, you have to listen to the points, otherwise what the f-ck am I doing here?” says Marc.

He calls her Jennifer? Weird.

Then, J.Lo gives a passionate speech about not wanting to vote off one performer because he didn’t have a “big voice,” and Marc goes, “Jennifer! Hello! Who are you talking to?”

Yikes. Despite the fact that these two fight non-stop, the two are going to perform together and on the same stage this May in Las Vegas as the kick-off performance for the Q’Viva live shows.