5 Things You Didn't Know About Marc Anthony's New Girlfriend, Shannon de Lima

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5 Things You Didn\'t Know About Marc Anthony\'s New Girlfriend, Shannon de Lima
Not to be outdone by his estranged wife Jennifer Lopez, Marc has moved on to a younger model. A 24 year-old Venezuelan model, to be exact. Marc Anthony showed off his new girlfriend in a Facebook photo that might as well have been captioned with: ‘See J.Lo, I can date, too!’


Nevertheless, Anthony’s new love has everyone wondering, “who the hell is Shannon de Lima?” The model is somewhat known in Venezuela, but here in the U.S, she’s pretty obscure.

But Hollyscoop did some digging, and without further adieu, we bring you five things about Marc Anthony’s new girlfriend, Shannon de Lima.

She’s a mom: Shannon de Lima has a four year-old son, Daniel, with an ex-boyfriend. Mommy who's the strange man who can't button his shirts, and why does he keep crying when he sings?

She dates actors: De Lima’s baby daddy is Venezuelan TV actor “Coco” Manuel Sosa, 27. Sosa has a reputation of being a party-loving playboy with a weakness for women. In a 2009 interview, Coco said he’s been “branded” as “irresponsible,” but dismisses reports about him as rumors. Don’t want a reputation of being reckless? Don’t call yourself ‘Coco.’

She’s a Capricorn: De Lima Tweeted that she has a birthday coming up on January 6, which means, pretty soon she’ll be 25. That’s not too old for you, is it, Marc? De Lima is also a Capricorn. Capricorns are supposedly ambitious people with a burning desire to achieve and attain. They’re hard working but can be materialistic.


She’s a Miss Earth Venezuela Runner Up: In 2005, Shannon de Lima competed in the Miss Earth Venezuela pageant, and came in as runner up, losing to Alexandra Braun. She’s been competing in other beauty pageants and casting auditions since 2005.

She auditioned for fashion shows: De Lima also auditioned to be in the Caracas Fashion Beach show in 2006. De Lima was one of the “two hundred young people present to the casting.”

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