Ryan Adams Misses Mandy Moore

August 14, 2008 By:
Ryan Adams Misses Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams went their separate ways about a month ago, but Ryan may be rethinking his decision to break up with Mandy after this was posted on his official website. It lists the ways to be a gentleman, and sounds awfully like he's speaking to Mandy.

We heard one of the reasons they split was because Ryan couldn't get used to the cameras on them at all times. Hopefully Mandy checks Ryan's website from time to time! They were cute together!

Top 10 Ways to be a Gentlemen

1. shut up and listen to her
2. stand by her, don't run
3. say you are sorry while you have the chance
4. hold her hand, be thankful for her, ignore the cameras, and lose yourself in the girl not the game
5. repeat

don't be a fool, stand by your girl

I miss you bug