Mandy Moore's "Love Wedding Marriage" and Other Movies That Bombed

June 11, 2011 By:
Mandy Moore's

I don’t know what’s more surprising, that Mandy Moore’s new movie made $1,378, or that Mandy Moore had a new movie.

The pop star turned actress recently starred in Love Wedding Marriage, a romantic comedy that was released June 3 and is getting awful reviews. So far, the movie has made a little over $1,300 total, according to That’s less than most movies make in popcorn sales per screening.

In celebration of the fact, we’re looking at other movies that bombed. While the titles may not surprise you, the numbers might.

Blonde Ambition: Jessica Simpson’s movie with Luke Wilson didn’t get the worst reviews, but it only made $165 per theater. The movie only opened on eight screens, so you do the math—not good.

Proud American: A conservative propaganda film, Proud American opened in 750 theaters and only averaged $128 per theater. Damn lamestream media.

Moherhood: You’d think that Uma Thurman would bring in an audience, but her film, Motherhood opened with $131. Total. Not per theater. Eleven people showed up. That’s less people than the bathroom line of most theaters.

Mars Needs Moms: It made $1,725,000 on its first day, but considering it had a budget of $150 million, they should’ve named the movie Mars Needs Money. It was so bad, it led to the closing of its studio, ImageMovers Digital.