Man vs. Wild: Discovery Channel

November 6, 2007 By:
Man vs. Wild: Discovery Channel

A friend of mine told me about this program, "It's
kind of ridiculous, but the guy is pretty nice to look
at, so I don't mind watching it." As the name would
imply, Man vs. Wild is a show about the dashing
British host, Bear Grylls, being dropped into the
wilderness and showcasing his survival techniques. He
explains his water-collecting techniques and
fire-building strategies thoroughly, like he expects
you to be filing this information away for the next
time you find yourself falling out of a helicopter
into the Sierra Nevada mountains.

What I think my friend meant when she said it was a
little ridiculous is that he's obviously traveling
with a pretty extensive camera and support crew. Right
before the commercial break he tells us that he's
going to try to get a rabbit and when we return, the
rabbit is caught, skinned, and being skewered on a
roasting spit. That's a little unfair. I mean, Man
vs. Wild sounds like he's going it alone, right?

All in all, it was a really enjoyable show. Bear ate a
live snake, doled out some interesting plant facts,
and even found an all-natural toothbrush. But when he
made an elaborate flotation device to swim across a
lake instead of simply walking around the edge of it, it felt like he was just showing off.