Maksim Chmerkovskiy Gets Into It With Len Goodman on DWTS

October 25, 2011 By:
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Gets Into It With Len Goodman on DWTS

Maksim Chmerkovskiy lost it on Dancing With The Stars last night.

After Maksim and his dance partner Hope Solo performed a rumba on last night’s episode, he went nuts when Len Goodman called their performance the “worst dance of the season.”

Maksim shot back that the Len’s comments were “disrespectful” and that “The judges have their favorites. They always have.”

“I’ve been in this business for 50 years,” Len argued.

To which Maksim responded, “Then maybe it’s time to go!” Oh snap! If that wasn’t staged by the producers, then that was some Jerry Springer quality TV insults.

Maksim, who was still fuming backstage told the show’s host, Brooke Burke Charvet, “With all due respect, this is my show. I helped make it what it is,” says Maksim.

Can’t disagree there. While Maksim slaves away each week looking hot and shaking his hips, what does Len Goodman do? Sit in a chair and hold up a card with a number on it? Exactly.

Other dancer pro Lacey Schwimmer also agreed with Maksim’s outburst.

“They [the judges] always have their favorites, and this season it’s completely clear who they are. I won’t name names, but we are not one of them. I’m actually proud of what Maks said. A lot of us don’t get the chance to stand up for us and our partners,” Confesses Lacey.

However, David Arquette who is totally clueless adds, “It’s just a high-pressure part of the season. Everybody’s really passionate about it, so it’s not a surprise people get fired up.”

Anyways, I guess Maksim felt bad about what he said and he later apologized, kind of, to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Len is the only one who comes from a ballroom background, and I really respect his opinion,” say Maksim.

Okay, so that’s showing some remorse for his words. Oh but wait, he adds this zinger.

“I’ve dancing for 27 years, and I’ve won more titles than Len ever even participated in,” he adds.

Well, he almost made nice.

And about that comment that DWTS is “my show” he explains, “I feel like it’s my show, and together, with other pros, I dedicated six years of my life to this show…I’ve helped make it what it is, but I’ve never taken it away from anybody else who participated.”

“I didn’t mean it in a selfish way. I love it. It’s what I love doing. Out fans are phenomenal.”