Simon Cowell Poses for Playboy

January 11, 2007 By:
Simon Cowell Poses for Playboy

Nottttt! But, the Brit bad boy Simon Cowell did gave an
interview to Playboy for its February issue where he
discussed being an
A$$hole, Paula Abdul and obviously himself.

On if he views himself as an asshole: “Well, I
don’t think I am.
But based on public opinion, yeah, I am. If half the
people think I’m an
asshole, then I’m half an asshole.”

On contestant's who want to be ridiculed:
“Normally they want me to
be rude to them. People come up to me and sing, and I
say, 'That was
great. Thank you.' And they’re like, 'Well, aren’t you
going to be rude to
me?' No. 'Well, can you be rude to me?' No! When I
miss auditions,
contestants get upset that I’m not there, because they
expect me to be
cruel to them—it’s some sort of badge of honor. That’s
how crazy
everything is.”

On rumors surrounding Clay Aiken's sexuality:
“Look, if someone’s
gay, who cares? I couldn’t care less. The fact is,
tabloid coverage
affects a large chunk of his fan base. When he was on
the show, he was a
very clean-cut guy, an underdog. That will always work
for the
middle-American audience. Now when you mention Clay,
all that other stuff
comes out, and that will affect his popularity.”

On being disappointed when Tamyra didn’t make it to
the finals:
think the American audience has pretty much gotten it
right every year.
Tamyra was the one instance when I felt disappointed.
I would like to have
seen her compete with Kelly in the final. It would
have been well matched,
whereas Kelly versus Justin Guarini was just a
ridiculous mismatch.”

On his “average taste:” “I mean, look, I’m 47
years old. You can’t
pretend to like caviar if you hate the taste of it.
It’s the same with
what you listen to and watch. But I’m lucky I have
very broad taste. If
you looked in my collection of DVDs, you’d see Jaws
and Star Wars. In the
book library you’d see John Grisham and Sidney
Sheldon. And if you look in
my fridge, it’s like children’s food—chips, milk
shakes, yogurt. I don’t
have sophisticated tastes. I have average tastes.”

On being quoted that he “can't stand Paula
“At times I
can’t. You’re asking me on a good day. Maybe in three
weeks it will be a
bad day. We have a very volatile relationship. I mean
one minute we’re
like Siamese twins, and then we’re Tom and Jerry.”

On walking off a show this past season: “I
walked off an episode,
yeah. I’d had enough of Paula and Randy. I thought
they were being
obnoxious, trying to belittle me. I felt
uncomfortable. It was like, 'I
don’t need to listen to this. I’m bored of you two. If
you guys have the
answers, you judge the show without me.' So I went

On partying with Seacrest and Jackson during the
American Idol season:
“What sealed the friendship between the three of
us was going to a
Hugh Hefner party at the Playboy Mansion for the first
time. It was
incredible; it really was. The best parties in the
world, bar none.
They’re every guy’s fantasy: 1,500 girls in lingerie
who like you. That’s
how life should be. Sometimes you have to attend a
party and you escape
after an hour. With this one Randy, Ryan and I were
like, ‘Two days to
go!’ ‘One day to go!’ ‘One hour to go!’”